Kang Ha-neul drew inspiration from The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon for 'Midnight Runners'

Elizabeth Tong
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South Korean actor Kang Ha-neul in Singapore (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

Nope, this isn’t the part where we jump out and shout, ‘Bazinga!’

While in Singapore on Thursday (31 Aug) to promote the movie ‘Midnight Runners’, South Korean actor Kang Ha-neul told the media that he took reference for his role from Sheldon Cooper, a popular character from the long-running American television sitcom, “The Big Bang Theory”.

Kang said, “If you can see some similarities between Sheldon and the character I play, then maybe I would have achieved my aim.”

In ‘Midnight Runners’, Kang plays Hee-yeol, a police academy recruit that is described as a ‘brainy guy’ and labelled as ‘Mr Bookworm’ in the movie’s trailer. Sheldon Cooper, played by American actor Jim Parsons, is often seen as nerdiest character on “The Big Bang Theory”.

Sharing about how similar he really is to Hee-yeol, Kang said, “I do have my nerdy side. It’s difficult not to have bits of myself in the different roles I play. Every character I portray will have some aspects of myself in it.”

However, when asked by Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore about how his own grades were back in school, the 27-year-old actor said with a laugh, “I was really bad at studying. I wasn’t the type to get really good grades, like the character here. But I tried my best to have fun with my friends and enjoy my school days as much as I could.”

The actor was in town together ‘Midnight Runners’ director Jason Kim. The two even shared a moment with a cardboard cutout of Kang’s co-star Park Seo-jun, who was not at the event.

Kang was also full of praise for Park’s discipline towards maintaining his physique during filming. “Hyung’s [Park’s] body is really good, it’s like a robot’s. I knew that no matter how hard I tried, I doubt I would’ve been able to get that kind of body,” Kang said. “So I just did basic training.”

When asked if he could show off his abs, Kang replied with laughter, “I’m not ready.”

Action-comedy ‘Midnight Runners’ stars Kang and Park as two police academy recruits that take police investigation into their own hands after witnessing a kidnapping. The movie premieres in Singapore on Thursday (7 September). Kang was last in Singapore to promote the K-drama, “Scarlet Heart” in August 2016.

Later in the day, Kang sent hearts a flutter at a fan-meet at Bugis Junction:

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