Kaman Kong isn't trying to gain sympathy with controversy

18 Sep – TVB actress Kaman Kong recently stressed that she was not trying to gain sympathy from others for her decision to air her conflict with a businessman known only as Mr. Wong.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who previously expressed her displeasure with the businessman who accused her of cheating him off his money, recently took to social media to share detailed screenshots of her private exchange with Mr Wong.

It comes after she alleged that the businessman edited their exchange to make it seemed that she was in the wrong.

In the screenshots, Kaman told Mr Wong that she would have to bring her team and get an official invitation for a public event, after he asked her if she is interested. The exchange was different from the other party's previous allegation that Kaman was cheating on her boyfriend Anthony with him and was using him to get free trips.

Speaking to the media about the textual exchanges, Kaman admitted that it was impulsive on her part.

"Maybe the gentle and soft route is not suitable for me. I was worried that people might think I would just flirt with anybody. I hope that people won't think that I am rash," she said.

Kaman also stressed she wasn't trying to gain sympathy or understanding from everybody, just that she wants to expel the anger from her heart and welcome the next day with a fresh mind.

(Photo Source: Kaman Kong Instagram)