K-pop idol opens cafe in Singapore because of brother and best friend

Elizabeth Tong
Entertainment Reporter
BTOB’s Eun-kwang with his brother, Eun-chong, at the PLUSEIGHTTWO cafe in Singapore (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

Would your older sibling open a cafe for you?

South Korean singer Seo Eun-kwang (Eunkwang) did just that with his new Korean dessert cafe in Singapore, which he opened together with two friends.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore on Thursday (18 January), the leader of K-pop group BTOB shared that his younger brother was one of the reasons for the cafe’s existence.

“My younger brother has always dreamed of working in a cafe so I wanted to set one up,” the 28-year-old singer explained.

Eunkwang’s brother, Eun-chong, 26, is currently serving as a barista in the new cafe, which is named after the dialling code for South Korea and located at the first floor of the Rendezvous Gallery at Bras Basah.

Just look at the two brothers sharing a cup of green tea latte:

Eunkwang also credited 27-year-old Kwak Keon-hee, his best friend, as another “huge reason” he decided to open the cafe. Eunkwang, Kwak and another friend, Joey Tan, 25, are business partners for PLUSEIGHTTWO.

“Whenever I visit Singapore to visit my friend or to hold fan meetings with my band members, I always make very good memories. So I decided to open a cafe with my friend here,” he told Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore.

According to Eunkwang, Kwak came to Singapore to study four years ago, and the two of them have been best friends for around 20 years now.

Check out our exclusive video interview with Eunkwang and Kwak here:

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