What K-pop groups SHINee, Red Velvet said at the Shilla Beauty Concert press conference

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K-pop groups SHINee & Red Velvet at a press conference for the Shilla Beauty Concert at Changi Airport (Photo: Shilla Duty Free)

K-pop groups SHINee and Red Velvet are back in Singapore for the Shilla Beauty Concert, less than four months after the two performed in here for TV show Music Bank.

Ahead of their joint concert on Friday (24 November) night, both groups met with the fans and media at the departure hall of Changi Airport Terminal 4 for a press conference. Here’s what they had to say during their Q&A session with the media.

How do you feel about being back in Singapore?

SHINee’s Key: Every time we visit Singapore, we receive such warm response from the fans. If we have the chance to, we would like to come and visit you guys again.

Red Velvet’s Wendy: We came here in August and we’re always surprised by the fans. I think the fans are awesome. Thank you very much for the love and support and we hope to return soon again.

When you go on holidays, what are the must-have items in your bag?

SHINee’s Jonghyun: Cosmetics, especially skincare. All the members make sure to have those in our bags.

SHINee’s Key: Health supplements, vitamins and Omega 3.

What kind of gifts would the SHINee members pick for a female family member or friend?

SHINee’s Jonghyun: I will always buy the most expensive cosmetics available.

Taemin: The cheapest? Haha. I’m just kidding. I’ll probably try to find the most suitable gift for the person I’m giving it to, like cosmetics or a wallet.

Minho: I would first ask if there is anything that she wants, then I’ll get it for her.

Key: Health supplements. Haha.

SHINee at the press conference for the Shilla Beauty Concert (Photo: Shilla Duty Free)

What kind of Christmas gift would you like to receive?

Jonghyun: Any kind of expensive gifts.

Wendy: I think any gifts will be perfect, because it’s Christmas, you know? Christmas gifts are always perfect, no matter what.

Who is the ‘beauty guru’ in Red Velvet? Any tips to share?

Red Velvet members all pointed to Joy.

Joy: Always thinking positively! Actually, I use facial masks very often. Every morning when I wake up, I use a cold facial mask because it helps with reducing the swelling on my face.

What about the other members?

Red Velvet’s Seulgi: We wear very thick make-up most of the time, and have come to learn that cleansing products that remove make-up quickly and cleanly is really important.

What are the types of cosmetics that you have a lot of at home?

Joy: I buy a lot of creams. When I apply a thick layer of cream on my face before I sleep, my skin looks and feels more moisturised in the mornings.

Wendy: I keep lots of different kinds of masks, for example, V-line facial masks, or masks for moisturising or soothing your face.

Any easy to use day-to-day items for the guys?

Key: I think these days, guys aren’t averse to using skincare, or even make-up products. BB (blemish balm) creams and now even CC (colour-correcting) creams can be quite light and easy for guys to use too.

Red Velvet has just released a music video for their new album, and there are already many bloggers who have tried to recreate their make-up looks online. What do you think is the key point of your make-up look for this new song?

Seulgi: Our new song gives off a very mysterious feel and we wanted to match that concept with a bolder make-up look, that’s why we focused on using red lipsticks. I would recommend everyone to try a red lip look too.

Could you introduce your new album?

Red Velvet’s Irene: Our new album is called “Perfect Velvet”, and just like the album title, we have returned with a more mature look and sound.

It’s been almost ten years since SHINee made their debut. What’s your favourite song so far?

Jonghyun: We have had too many songs. But I think our debut song, “Replay”, is really meaningful to us because lots of people got to know us through that.

How do you keep yourself looking good after long-haul flights?

Key: I dress well when I’m going to the airport, but I always bring along a set of comfortable pajamas with me and change into them when I’m on the plane.

Taemin: I sleep throughout most or all of the flight, I think it really helps to fight jet-lag better.

SHINee, what’s your favourite beauty treatment?

Minho: I love exercising, so I apply a lot of sunscreen.

If the Red Velvet members could have a super power, what would it be and why?

Red Velvet’s Yerin: I would like to be invisible and go to places that I cannot get access to.

Seulgi: Teleportation. So that I can come to Singapore in a blink of an eye to meet my fans here!

What gives the Red Velvet members the most amount of happiness?

Wendy: Of course, it’s our fans. They give us the most happiness.

The press conference for the Shilla Beauty Concert (Photo: Shilla Duty Free)

Here is a video of the two K-pop groups at their press conference in Singapore:

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