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VIXX Shangri-La concert in Singapore 2017

VIXX Shangri-La concert in Singapore 2017 (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

K-pop group VIXX tickle fans with hilarious antics at Singapore concert

South Korean boyband VIXX may have looked all serious in their black outfits, but the mood at their “Shangri-La in Singapore 2017” concert on Saturday (2 December) was anything but.

The six-member group charmed fans at Zepp @ Bigbox with hits such as “Error”, “Love Me Do”, “Hot Enough” and “Blackout”.

They also drove their fans to laughter during the “fanmeet” portion of the event, with Ken and Ravi dancing to girl group Red Velvet’s hit, “Red Flavour”.

Another item saw the VIXX members resisting their leader N’s back hugs by wetting their backs and interlocking with each other.

The VIXX members said they managed to shop and sightsee at the Marina Bay area during their stay in Singapore, and also managed to visit the iconic Merlion.

“Even if we’re far away, you guys are always in my heart,” band member Hyuk told fans in English.

N and Ken also indulged their fans’ requests to sing snippets from their respective musicals, “Interview” and “Titanic”.

VIXX, which stands for Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis, was formed in 2012. Members were selected via Mnet’s survival reality show MyDOL through viewer votes. They were last in Singapore for a fan-meeting in 2016.

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