JYP Entertainment amps up security surrounding TWICE

19 Dec – JYP Entertainment has recently confirmed that they are taking extra measures to ensure the safety of their hit girl group TWICE.

As reported on Star.mk, on 19 December, the company released a statement on its official SNS that they have requested police protection following the situation concerning stalker threats that have been ongoing for a while now.

"The police are taking measures to patrol the vicinity of our company as well as surrounding neighbourhoods in Chungdam," the statement added.

Aside from police assistance, JYP also stated that they themselves are making the best effort to ensure the safety of their artistes during events and other activities.

At the same time, the company is also looking over several possible methods to resolve the issue, including legal actions.

"We will not hesitate to take the harshest means of legal action available against anybody who tries to damage our artistes' reputations and rights so that they are able to continue promoting under safe environment," the statement added.

Early this month, an infamous obsessed fan raised the alarm after he revealed his intention of tracking down TWICE's member Nayeon in South Korea, prompting many to report it to the company.

(Photo Source: Twice Instagram)