Justin Long lost his wedding ring

Justin Long has lost his wedding ring.

The 45-year-old actor married Kate Bosworth just a few months ago but he's already misplaced the piece of jewellery he was ceremoniously given when they exchanged vows.

Appearing on 'Live with Kelly and Mark' on Wednesday (01.11.23), he admitted: "I don’t have my ring on because I lost it, unfortunately."

When the audience groaned in response, he added: "Oh, okay, I didn’t have to reveal that! I could have just said I left it backstage!"

The 'Jeepers Creepers' actor went on to admit he feels "very lucky" to have married the 40-year-old actress and told how he felt an instant connection when they first met.

He said: "Right away, I knew I was going to be friends with her forever. We got along so well. I know it sounds so generic."

A few months into their relationship, Justin was even further convinced Kate was The One when the 'Blue Crush' star showed him her "weird and wild" side.

He said: "She did something — and it’s not going to make any sense, it was very specific — and I just realised, I said to her, I looked at her, and said, ‘Oh you’re wild. You’re like, a little wild in you. Like, weird and wild.’ Which I hadn’t seen."

Host Kelly Ripa replied: "And you were like, 'That's my person.' "

Justin agreed: "That’s it, that’s what it takes!"

However, the 'F is for Family' actor admitted he had "completely misjudged" Kate before getting to know her properly.

He said: "I always had — because she’s an actress in the world — I always had an idea of her.

"I said [to her], ‘Well what was your idea of me?’ And she said, ‘I don’t know, I thought you were like, comedy guy?’

"I said, ‘I thought you were like, fashionista.' So we have those things in us, but I just completely misjudged."

Justin let slip he and Kate had tied the knot in May, a month after they announced their engagement.

In an episode of his 'Life is Short' podcast, he recalled his time in Bulgaria working on 'Barbarian' and said: "I was there while I was like really falling in love with my now-wife.

"She came to visit and I had never been comfortable with… set visits. I like to separating the relationship...

"But, yeah, I loved having her there and we just had the most magical time... It helped me having her there. She'd help me with scenes. It was the best."