Justin Bieber sending 'love' to haters after Lyme disease reveal

Justin Bieber sending 'love' to haters after Lyme disease reveal

Justin Bieber is refusing to feed into the negativity directed at him online following his Lyme disease reveal, insisting he only wants to "send back love".

The Sorry superstar came clean about the health struggles which have plagued him over the past two years in a candid post on Instagram on Wednesday (08Jan20), confirming earlier reports suggesting he had been fighting a secret battle with the tick-borne illness.

Before Bieber personally addressed the news, he found himself under attack from social media trolls, who took the opportunity to spew hate at the 25 year old - but the singer decided not to waste his energy on retaliating, and instead chose to spread love.

"I see a lot of people on here just creating lies and saying that they hope I lose in everything I do," he tweeted.

"Well I hope you all win. I hope everything you want in life happens for you. Regardless of how you feel about me I send back love."

While Bieber was focused on ignoring his haters, his wife, model Hailey Bieber, couldn't help but fire back at detractors who questioned the seriousness of the musician's condition, which can cause rashes, extreme fatigue, headaches, and fevers.

"For those who are trying to downplay the severity of Lyme disease. Please do your research and listen to the stories of people who have suffered with it for years," Hailey tweeted. "Making fun of and belittling a disease you don't understand is never the way, all it takes is educating yourself."

Bieber has yet to explain how he contracted the disease, but he will be sharing further details with fans in his new documentary series, Seasons, which premieres on YouTube on 27 January (20).

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