Justin Bieber gifted bag of coffee cup lids

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been gifted a bag full of coffee lids from bosses at Canadian fast food chain Tim Hortons after expressing his dissatisfaction with the brand's updated cup style.

The Baby hitmaker took to Instagram over the weekend to complain about the store's "uncomfortable" new beverage cups, insisting the original lids were "easier to drink out of", and he even conducted his own online poll, asking fans to weigh in on the issue.

After 70 per cent of participants voted in agreement with Bieber, he reached out to officials at Tim Hortons himself to share his findings, urging them to take the results into consideration.

It didn't take long for representatives to respond, thanking the pop superstar for his feedback as they insisted they were working to improve the quality of the new lids - and invited him to "join our team that's working to make them even better".

Bieber appeared to be open to the idea, and hours later, he received a special delivery - a bag full of the old style of coffee lids - presented to him while cheering on the Toronto Maple Leafs ice hockey team as the stars faced off against the New York Rangers in Toronto, Canada.

"We lost (the game) but I got a bunch of lids so there's a win out of the night somewhere," Bieber quipped as he shared a snap of his present on his Instagram Stories timeline.

Still gushing about the gift on Sunday, he posted a photo of himself drinking from a coffee cup with the old lid, and wrote, "This is where it's at @timhortons."

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