‘And Just Like That’ Season 2 Finale: What Happens to Carrie and Aidan?

After 11 episodes, a rekindled romance and a highly anticipated cameo, “And Just Like That” Season 2 came to an end Thursday on Max.

Developed by Michael Patrick King, the Max original takes place 11 years after the “Sex and the City 2” movie. Instead of following four friends in their 30s, the spinoff follows three of the main friends in their 50s as they navigate friendship, careers, new romances and the complicated rules of dating later in life.

TheWrap already broke down Kim Cattrall’s return as Samantha Jones. But if you’re curious how the season ended for everyone else, here’s what you need to know.

Carrie (Sara Jessica Parker) in "Sex and the City"
Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) in “And Just Like That” (Photo Credit: Max)

How did “And Just Like That” Season 2 end for Carrie and Aidan?

Prepare for heartbreak. “The Last Supper Part One: Appetizer” ended with Aidan (John Corbett) leaving New York ahead of Carrie’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) dinner party so he could take care of his son, Wyatt. In “Part Two,” Aidan reappears long after Carrie’s Michelin star dinner party has come to an end. That’s when he does the unthinkable and steps foot in the apartment he swore he’d never reenter.

After suggesting Carrie pour herself a drink, Aidan got down to business, telling her that he’s returning to Norfolk, Virginia, to be closer to his sons.

“Their whole lives, I’ve been the constant. Cathy’s back and forth from China or England for the textile factory or with her boyfriend. I’ve always been there. I need to be there,” Aidan said, revealing that the 14-year-old Wyatt had mushrooms and alcohol in his system when he crashed Aidan’s truck.

Aidan makes Carrie a promise: five years, after Wyatt is out of his teenage years, he will be ready to return to her and make their relationship work.

“The only thing — the only thing — that I love more than I love you is my boys,” Aidan says. “I made a commitment that I won’t lose you again. And I won’t. Just give me some time.”

As sad as this breakup may be, it ends on a relatively happy note. Carrie and Aidan share one more passionate evening together before he returns to Virginia. Carrie, either to her credit or because she has yet to realize it, never mentions that she just spent millions on a fabulous new multi-bedroom apartment to stay with the man who just dumped her.

Seema (Sarita Choudhury) and Ravi (Armin Amiri) in "Sex and the City"
Seema (Sarita Choudhury) and Ravi (Armin Amiri) in “And Just Like That” (Photo Credit: Max)

How did “And Just Like That” Season 2 end for everyone else?

Carrie may be going through a breakup, but Season 2’s finale was a lot more cheerful for the rest of the squad. After Charlotte (Kristin Davis) lectured her husband Harry (Evan Handler) about needing to step up around the house since she’s returned to the workforce, Harry buys Charlotte one of the most expensive iPhones on the market. He also brags that his wife needs the top-of-the-line tech now that she’s a high-powered career woman. The season ends with the two of them struggling to set it up together, a sign of their renewed unity.

As for Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), her newfound focus on MH pays off. At the request of her boss, Miranda goes on BBC to discuss a case her firm has been tackling. The TV appearance ends with a flirty night at a bar with a BBC producer by the name of Joy. This finale also sees Miranda burying the hatchet with her husband, Steve (David Eigenberg). They agree to platonically stay in each other’s lives.

Toussaint (Gary Dourdan) and Nya (Karen Pittman) in "And Just Like That"
Toussaint (Gary Dourdan) and Nya (Karen Pittman) in “And Just Like That” (Photo Credit: Max)

After spending the earlier part of this episode mourning the loss of her ex, Nya (Karen Pittman) gets two major wins in the finale: a major career opportunity and a new man. She’s unanimously elected to become part of a prestigious attorney board and hits it off with Carrie’s Michelin star chef (Gary Dourdan).

Che (Sara Ramirez) and Anthony (Mario Cantone) also end the season on romantic upswings. Toby (Alex Lugo), the potential love interest Che wrote a standup show to impress, stops by Che’s apartment after Carrie’s dinner. As for Anthony, he manages to put his pride and outdated expectations aside and switch things up in the bedroom for Giuseppe (Sebastiano Pigazzi).

Herbert (Christopher Jackson) and Lisa Todd (Nicole Ari Parker) in "Sex and the City"
Herbert (Christopher Jackson) and Lisa Todd (Nicole Ari Parker) in “And Just Like That” (Photo Credit: Max)

On a more somber note, Lisa Todd Wexley (Nicole Ari Parker) miscarries her child, and she and her husband Herbert (Chris Jackson) grant themselves some forgiveness,sharing a quiet moment in each other’s arms.

Last but never least there’s Seema (Sarita Choudhury). Out of everyone this season, Seema has experienced the most growth, save for possibly Miranda. After telling her director boyfriend Ravi (Armin Amiri) that she loved him earlier this season, Seema went into full-blown panic mode and begins distancing herself from the situation. But rather than letting her blow up the relationship, Ravi, who loves her back, calls Seema out on her avoidant nonsense. He promises to come back to her after his five-month work trip to Egypt. They share one last night of passion, proof that Seema is finally starting to trust men — at least this one.

Seema (Sarita Choudhury) and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) in "Sex and the City"
Seema (Sarita Choudhury) and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) in “And Just Like That” (Photo Credit: Max)

What happened in the final moments of “And Just Like That” Season 2?

With her relationship on hold for five months and Carrie’s on hold for five years, Seema books the two another beach getaway. Only this time instead of the Hamptons, the two ladies make their way across the ocean.

While basking in the sun, Seema asks “Well, as you suggested, we ran at love, and where did that get us?”

“Greece?” Carrie fires back.

As the camera pans away from the two friends, Carrie’s voiceover says, “And just like that, I ordered two more cosmopolitans.”

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