We just found a £45 dupe of Loewe's cult-status basket bag

loewe basket bag dupe
Where to buy the £45 Loewe basket bag dupeChristian Vierig - Getty Images

Loewe's basket bag became a cult fashion piece practically overnight when it dropped in Spring/Summer 2017.

Seriously, we're not joking. A quick scroll through your Insta feed will confirm that the straw accessory is just as popular now with the style set as it was all those summers ago.

And it's not hard to see why. The roomy shape is practical, the jute weave is both boho and minimalist at the same time, and the tan leather accents complement everything from neutrals to all-black outfits. Oh, and how could we forget, the logo. EVERYONE loves a logo.

This, right here, is our dream summer set-up: Loewe's basket bag, leather mules, dranks and a super cute picnic blanket.

There's just one catch, though. One tiny, weeny thing stopping you from stocking up on every version of this glorious accessory. It's kinda spenny – like, a couple of hundred pounds spenny.

Here's where we come in and save the summer (OTT, but let us have it). We've found a lookalike of Loewe's basket bag for just £45. And it's a real goodie.

The high street bag in question is from M&S and from afar you would literally not know the difference. It's crafted from straw in the same open shape, lined with a drawstring pouch and finished with easy-to-carry top handles.

The detail that sets it apart from every other basket bag on the market is the large leather patch pocket on the front, which looks just a bit like Loewe's logo patch.

If it's the OG Loewe basket bag you're after, it's actually really hard to get hold of the tan version. But we have clocked the smaller iteration of the iconic raffia over on Net-a-Porter:

And this square shaped iteration, part of the brand's collaboration with Paula's Ibiza, is currently in stock too:

Anyway back to the M&S lookalike. This baby also comes in a white colour-way and if we had it our way, we would 100% be buying both.

You might want to hurry if you're considering adding to BASKET (soz, not soz), because we have a feeling this one won't be hanging around for long.

Here are some pics of our fave influencers rocking this OG accessory just to sway you.

First up, Hannah Crosskey teaming hers with one of her signature black cotton summer dresses:

Then, Monikh Dale proving that basket bags aren't just for styling with neutrals in a bright green solace dress and matching flip flops:

Silvia García Bartabac amps up the boho factor with a balloon sleeve blouse and tie-dye slip skirt:

And, finally, Aylin Koenig is going for green too, this time in a floaty off-the-shoulder maxi:

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