Just a Bunch of 'Squid Game' Memes That You Need to See to Complete Your Weekend

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Photo credit: Twitter
Photo credit: Twitter

There are several distinct stages of Squid Game obsession. First, there's the complete inability to look away from your screen (or sleep...or maintain basic hygiene) until you make through the finale:

Next, there's the WHAT TF DID I JUST WATCH phase, which involves an unhealthy amount of Googling, reading every "Squid Game Ending Explained" story you can find on the internet, and falling down a Reddit rabbit hole as you start formulating your own theories:

Then comes the comfort of the stage when you think you finally *get * it:

You might think this would be the end of the cycle, but if you think that, you clearly have not fallen down the Squid Game rabbit hole, because there is no end. Even when you feel confident in your interpretation of the moral minefield of Squid Game, you're not done obsessing about Squid Game. Basically, Squid Game is the exact opposite of Fight Club because the first and second rules of Squid Game are that you take EVERY. POSSIBLE. OPPORTUNITY. to talk about about Squid Game.

If that doesn't resonate with you, then congratulations on how well-adjusted and able to think about other things you currently are. But if it does, then take a deep breath and dig in because you have found your people.

We're here to enable your raging Squid Game addiction because, well, honestly, we're still obsessed, too. This weekend, that obsession has manifested as an inability to stop looking at Squid Game memes. Because we care so much about your fandom experience and about spreading the Squid Game gospel, we've compiled a batch of the very best Squid Game memes the internet has to offer.

So, settle in, get your scrolling finger ready, and enjoy, because these memes are the key to ending your weekend on a high note.

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