Chris Pratt on What Makes a Great Dino Kill: 'The Foreplay'

Kevin Polowy
Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment
Yahoo Movies

Like the 1993 blockbuster Jurassic Park that it evolved from, the new reboot Jurassic World has a gaggle of good dinosaur kills. In fact, it has a higher casualty toll than all of the other Jurassic movies combined.

So what’s the secret to executing a killer dino kill? “The buildup, it’s all about the foreplay,” star Chris Pratt told Yahoo Movies during our recent interview, which you can watch above. “You don’t want to just come right in and start biting heads off. You need to take your time.”

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Co-star Bryce Dallas Howard echoed those thoughts: “It’s about the suspense leading up to it. And that was what so engaging about Jurassic Park, and is about this film as well.”

“A good dino kill to me has an element of anticipation,” explained director Colin Trevorrow. “We have a lot dino kills in this movie. Our body count is larger than all of the others combined. That wasn’t intended, it’s just what happened. People really want to see a level of carnage in these movies. It’s almost a demand.”

Jurassic World opens Friday. Watch a supercut of the best dino-attacks from Jurassic movies: