Junius Ho welcomes a debate with Anthony Wong

20 Jan – Hong Kong lawyer and pro-China politician Junius Ho has expressed condolences to actor Anthony Wong, who lost his father-in-law recently.

As reported on Mingpao, the said politician, who was originally scheduled to debate Anthony on the subject of justice and conscience on RTHK's "This Week", stated that it was a bit regrettable that the actor couldn't make his appearance due to a death in the family.

"It was anti-climactic. It ended before it begun. I hope that there will be an opportunity for us to talk in the future. I express my condolences to him," he said.

As to what he thinks of Anthony's opinion about the police system being broken, Junius said that he hadn't had the time to officially discuss the topic yet.

When asked if he would say yes to a discussion with Anthony in the future, Junius said that he has no issue debating with anybody.

"I don't mind debating anybody, even [activist] Eddie Chu. It's not like we can't talk. Anthony and I have no issue," he added.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)