Ha Jung-woo's new movie with Zhang Ziyi cancelled

21 Mar - Korean actor Ha Jang-woo's first collaboration with Zhang Ziyi has been cancelled following the issue between South Korea and China concerning the deployment of the U.S. missile defense system, THAAD.

As reported on Mingpao, "The Chaser" actor, who was supposed to start filming their movie, "The Mask", has unwittingly caused delays earlier when he had to face visa issues and other problems related to his work in China.

As the actor already has other projects in line for him after "The Mask", he has no other choice but to withdraw from the project.

An official of Ha's agency shared that the film project itself has been called off because of his absence, and that Ha will focus on shooting Korean films for now.

"The Mask" is an adaptation of a Korean novel that spans three east Asian nations of China, Korea, and Japan. Taiwan director Chen Zheng-dao was supposed to direct the movie that also co-stars Japanese actor Joe Odagiri.

(Photo Source: koreatimesus.com)