Julie Andrews: 'Angry farmer tried to sabotage The Sound of Music filming'

An Austrian farmer attempted to put an end to filming for The Sound of Music when he sabotaged a stream built especially for the set, according to actress Julie Andrews.

During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Wednesday, the veteran actress confessed working on the movie wasn't as idyllic as it appeared on the screen.

Recalling filming scenes on a farm, the 84-year-old remembered the farmer "got very upset that the filming was upsetting the milking of his cows" and later tried to wreck the set for the movie.

"We had had to build a fake stream - you know the one that I throw the rocks over and things like that?" Andrews said. "So, in the night just before we filmed, he came with a pitchfork and stuck it in the fake stream and it all drained away."

However, the screen star insisted it wasn't all bad, and she did build a rapport with some of the other farmers - who treated the cast to homemade schnapps at the end of a day's filming.

"The other good part though was one or two of the farmers made their own schnapps and at the end of a freezing day, we were sometimes given a glass of schnapps and boy was that good," she smiled.

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