Julian Cheung wants to spend more time with family in 2020

22 Jan – After working hard in 2019, Julian Cheung recently expressed his plans to have more time for his family in the Year of the Rat.

As reported on ETNET, the actor who sat down for an interview to promote his new movie, "All's Well Ends Well 2020", shared that his plan this year is to go on a trip with wife Anita Yuen and son Morton.

"We don't have a lot of time anymore to travel together. Morton is 13 now. In a couple of years, he may want to spend more time with his classmates and friends, and then maybe he will further his studies in a foreign country. Now is the time for us to get closer," he added.

At the same time, Julian admitted that he doesn't see himself being an actor until old age.

"I hope [if that time comes], I can find myself and enjoy my own life. I wouldn't regret my younger days, but use it to understand myself even more," he said.

(Photo Source: Julian Cheung Instagram)