Julia Barretto happy to receive Silver Play Button from YouTube

Heidi Hsia

9 Jul – Julia Barretto is elated to receive her Silver Play Button from YouTube to mark her achievement in reaching 100,000 subscribers.

As reported on Push, the actress shared the good news in her recent vlog titled, "My Morning Routine" where she shared her activities before starting her day, from tidying her bed, doing her morning skincare routine, making breakfast and doing her exercises.

At the end of the video, she showed off the Silver Button, and expressed, "I just got this!"

"I was so excited to receive it yesterday. It felt like my first award, but it is the first award I'm receiving on this platform and I just really want to say thank you to everybody who helped me out on this journey to receiving this award," she added.

Barretto also admitted that she is still new to the platform and is getting a hang of it, having only posted eight videos for the past nine months.

"But I just want to say thank you for keeping up with me and I hope that I will be able to provide more videos that can hopefully entertain and help you guys in some way, or inspire you in some way," she added.

Barretto, who started her YouTube channel in September last year, has now accumulated more than 360,000 subscribers.

(Photo Source: Julia Barretto Instagram)