This £23 top-rated rice cooker saves time and minimises waste

Anya Meyerowitz
·2-min read
This mini rice cooker will save time and prevent waste (Getty Images)
This mini rice cooker will save time and prevent waste (Getty Images)

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We know we’re never going to exhibit Gordon Ramsay levels of skill in the kitchen but we do pride ourselves on being able to whip up a pretty good meal for two.

However, the one thing we struggle with over-and-over again is cooking rice: we either make enough for a small army or we burn half of it to the pan.

Not only does this then require hours of scrubbing when we could be catching up online shopping for that cult M&S cardi it also ruins our dinner.

But we’ve found a kitchen gadget that means your rice woes are about to behind you.

The Judge Mini Rice Cooker is currently 30% off on Amazon and can cook a double portion of rice in just 10-minutes.

It can then keep the rice warm for up to six hours, is easy to clean (just bung it in the dishwasher) and works with just the push of a button. Simples, right?

Buy it: Judge Mini Rice Cooker | £22.99 from Amazon

Plus, it has clear markings to indicate portion size meaning that you won’t end up chucking lots of leftovers away.

The nifty kitchen gadget is currently a top-rated item on Amazon, with previous shoppers calling it “perfect” and “life-changing”.

“After cooking a lot of rice in the pan and having to keep an eye on it all the time to get it just right and not too wet, I decided to take a chance with this rice cooker,” one fed-up foodie commented. “From first use, just follow the instructions that come with it and it works perfect (sic), beautiful fluffy cooked rice in no time at all!”

”Can see me using this every day now!” they added.

Another fan wrote: “I've owned several rice cookers of various sizes over the years, but this one is probably my favourite. It's tiny and lightweight, but it cooks perfect rice in 15-20 minutes. It cleans up very quickly and - unlike my previous models - has a snap-closed lid, so there's no water bubbling over the sides during cooking.”

We’re no Mystic Meg but we predict lots of rice on the menu for future dinners!

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