Jude Law's Menswear MO Lives on in His Son, Rafferty

Murray Clark
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Photo credit: Marco Mantovani
Photo credit: Marco Mantovani

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During several stops on the campaign trail for naughty meta Catholic drama The Young Pope, Jude Law put on his massive trousers. Menswear stood divided. For despite fashion's ever-closer slow dance with a wider leg, these were wide. Really wide. So wide narrow minds couldn't hack it (but many good folk could). And so, whether it was a step-and-repeat in Berlin, or New York, or any other city with a Soho House, the 47-year-old experimented with different widths, throwing caution to the wind and ensuring his get-ups were very, very comfortable. Still, even the trimmest pair were still very much on the wide side.

Photo credit: Jacopo M. Raule
Photo credit: Jacopo M. Raule

Those were simpler times. We had TV premieres and a surplus of toilet roll in supermarkets then. But despite all that has gone on thus far in This Cursed Year, some nice things remain. Puppy buying is at an all time high, yes, lovely. But also Rafferty Law, the celebrity progeny of the Vox Lux star, has kept up the family name for really great trousers.

At Valentino's most recent actual real-life fashion show in Milan (the industry is awakening once more, as proven by Paul Mescal popping his head round the door at Fendi), the 23-year-old debuted what could arguably be argued one of the most solid big fancy event looks of 2020. Which, granted, sounds needlessly immoderate. But let us break it down.

One: you're safe. It's grey. As overarching monochrome proves time and again, it's a palate that you can punch up without putting your neck on the line. So, that allows for various bits that bring a middling look to greatness. There's a boxy Wall Street woollen coat, but it has darker shades to the knit, which adds more depth and ties the look together. There's an internal belt, for something a little different. There's a ribbed V-neck sweater (with VLTN branding, naturally). There are clompy haunted schoolboy shoes, but painted with florals and fastened with the sort of durable straps you're more likely to see on a eurohiker. And, of course, trousers that are loose, effortless, baggy, but still polished - such is the skill of Valentino's creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli. There's a lot of thing going on here, and somehow, all of it works. Extra points for the heavy duty chain courtesy of Missoma's upcoming collection.

And lest we forget: there hasn't been that much competition in 2020. Not to sully young Rafferty's look (which is truly, categorically strong), but bring out the big guns in a year of few red carpets, and you're bound to come out near the front of the peloton – especially with trousers like those.

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