Joyce Cheng hosts new show on ViuTV

28 Jan – While she is on hiatus from her music, Joyce Cheng is busy hosting a new talk show titled "Just Like Mum's Cooking", which recently aired on ViuTV.

As reported on Singtao, the singer who co-hosted the show with Jim Ying, shared that she had tried to avoid hosting jobs in the past so not to seem like she was trying to emulate her mother, the late Lydia Shum.

She also admitted that she is not as quick-witted as her mother and didn't think that she would be a good host.

"But as an artiste, you should always try something new in your career. When ViuTV approached me, the time was just right. I really enjoyed doing the show. I hope that I will be able to spread positive energy to everybody through this show," she said.

Joyce also thanked her co-host Jim Ying, whom she said has helped her a lot in her first talk show, especially since she is very blunt when it comes to her words.

To that, Jim responded, "I don't think that she is blunt. It's just that she has a very big brain. She also laughs for no apparent reason and can't stop. It shows her true nature."

(Photo Source: Joyce Cheng Instagram)