Joy Reid Huffs About the US ‘Starting Another F—ing War!’ in Off-Camera Comment Caught on Hot Mic | Video

Joy Reid was caught on a hot mic lamenting the U.S. “starting another fucking war” this week on her MSNBC show while she played a clip of President Joe Biden speaking about a forthcoming border security bill that includes aid for Ukraine.

The anchor’s comment came on Monday’s “The ReidOut,” and it wasn’t immediately clear to whom it was directed; however, she spent much of the earlier part of the segment highlighting Republicans like Tom Cotton, Lindsey Graham and Nikki Haley cheerleading for an immediate attack on Iran.

Reid apologized for the gaffe at the end of the show. Neither the hot-mic moment nor the apology was included in MSNBC’s highlight clips uploaded to YouTube as of Tuesday – but they were captured by conservative outlets CitizenFreePress and Breitbart:

The hot-mic moment took place as Reid was blasting congressional Republicans, whom she accused of latching on to Biden and Democrat policies to “take credit for things they didn’t do while tying themselves into pretzels to do nothing for the American people for the sake of Donald Trump.”

“Case in point,” she continued, “fixing what they say is a crisis at the border with congressional negotiators continuing work on a bipartisan deal to tie border policies to funding for Ukraine. Over the weekend President Biden said he’s ready to take action if Congress is serious about solving the issue.”

That’s where “TheReidOut” cut to Biden’s Saturday speech in South Carolina, in which the President said: “If that bill were the law today, I would shut down the border now. Congress needs to get it done.”

As the clip was winding down, Reid’s voice can be heard in the background saying, “Starting another fucking war!”

“Before we go,” she said at the end of Monday’s show, “I just want to apologize very quickly. I was chatting during a clip that was playing, and you know, we try to keep this show very PG-13. I just want to apologize to anyone who was listening to my behind-the-scenes chatter. I’m deeply, deeply sorry for that. As you know, it’s PG-13 around here.”

You can hear the exchange in the video clip above.

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