Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith's daughter due this month

Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith are expecting to be parents by the end of the month.

The Dawson's Creek actor and the Queen & Slim actress are currently expecting their first child together, a baby girl.

And in an interview with Access Hollywood on Thursday, Joshua divulged that Jodie's due date is quickly approaching.

When asked about the pregnancy and Jodie's cravings, he replied: "We're 19 days away, so I'm kind of out of time for sympathy weight...the only odd craving, and it only really lasted for two days was an Oreo milkshake."

Joshua also recalled how he found out that Jodie, 33, was pregnant.

"We found out together. We kind of had an inkling, cycles change, and then... This is the most joyous moment of my life. She was working out of town and I asked her to wait a couple of days before taking the test so we could find out together," the 41-year-old shared.

As for finding out the baby is a girl, Joshua insisted he already knew what the gender of the tot was going to be, because "my family don't have boys".

"It was more about her curiosity than anything (else)," he smiled.

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