Joshua Garcia pays no attention to bashers

8 Apr – Joshua Garcia is not one to pay any attention to his bashers, telling the media recently that doing so would only waste his time.

As reported on Push, the actor, who spoke about his way of dealing with negativity, stated that there is no reason for him to defend himself or try to change his critics' opinion of him.

"Maybe you should just conserve that energy for more important things, like your work," he said.

Garcia stated that it is unlikely for him to get affected by the words of people that do not know him personally.

"You know who you are. So no matter what they say to you, you should not get affected, because you know yourself," he said.

The actor admitted that he even encouraged his onscreen partner Julia Barretto to do the same when facing her bashers.

"I told her not to go down that path and just relax. I have no need for the opinion of bashers," he said.

(Photo Source: Joshua Garcia Instagram)