Jordan Chan and son for "Where Are We Going Dad 6"?

11 Jul – Rumour has it that Jordan Chan and son Jasper will return for the sixth season of the Chinese reality show, "Where Are We Going, Dad?"

As reported on Cosmopolitan, the show has recently announced its sixth season with a new poster. Although it didn't reveal any of the official cast of the new season, a list of cast members that went viral online revealed that Jordan and Jasper will return to the show.

Jasper became one of the most popular kids in the last season of the show, and was praised for his patience and tolerance of his bad-tempered father.

On the other hand, there are rumours that it may not be possible for Jasper to join, especially since he will soon begin his first year in elementary school.

Other cast members reportedly joining the show include Chinese actor Geng Le and his son, as well as Yang Shuo and his two kids, Xiao Mao and Xiao Tangyuan.

On the other hand, aspiring singer Fan Chengcheng and Bi Wenyu reportedly will join the programme as trainee fathers.

However, another source has denied the list, saying that the only celebrity that has confirmed participation was Yang Shuo and his kids.

(Photo Source: Cosmopolitan HK)