Jordan Chan deletes Weibo post after sharing photo of ballot paper

26 Nov – Jordan Chan nearly got himself in trouble recently, after he posted a photo at the polling station after he was done voting for the District Council Ordinary Election.

As reported on Mingpao, on 24 November the actor took to Weibo to share with fans that he had successfully done his duty as a citizen of Hong Kong, and reminded everybody to go and cast their votes.

However, his good intention was marred by the fact that he shared a photo of the ballot paper and the voting seal, despite the fact that it was illegal to do so.

After being warned by some netizens about the risk of doing so, Jordan quickly deleted the post and shared a different image on Weibo that read "Today, give Hong Kong a chance to say goodbye to violence."

He posted, "I have done my duty as a Hong Kong citizen."

Under the law of the Electoral Affairs Commission, recording of any kind at any polling station without permit is considered an offence and could lead to a fine and six months in prison.

It is noted that Beyond member Paul Wong previously committed similar offence in 2012, and was given a verbal warning by the police after several months of investigation.