Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show' Return Was Exactly What We Needed

Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show' Return Was Exactly What We Needed

"Welcome to The Daily Show," Jon Stewart said on Monday night, when he returned to the late-night show that made him famous. "Now, where was I?" If you haven't heard the good news, The Daily Show host will host The Daily Show on Mondays this season—in preparation for, of course, the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

As expected, Stewart did not mince a single word during the 42-minute-long broadcast. It was his first time behind The Daily Show desk in nine years—and he didn't miss a beat. Kicking off with jokes about President Joe Biden and Donald Trump's memory lapses, The Daily Show host spelled a harrowing road ahead for America in 2024. He focused on a recent viral press conference with President Biden, who stalled to gather his thoughts before calling the Israeli response to Gaza "over the top." As Stewart put it, "I like how Biden describes Israel's incessant bombing of civilians the same way my mother talks about the Super Bowl halftime show."

Although Stewart's return felt familiar, the political climate couldn't be more different than 2015—when the comedian exited The Daily Show. At times throughout the episode, it felt like we were witnessing a grizzly bear exiting his cave following a long hibernation. Stewart still has his wits, but he does have to crack wise about WTF has been going on while he was away. After covering Trump's recent gaffes, he settled on a new title for his 2024 election segment: "What the F#@k Are We Doing Here, People?"

But if Stewart's return feels more familiar than it does biting, comfort was seemingly the plan all along. In interviews before his big day back behind the desk, Stewart said that he hoped his return would serve as a place for him and the audience to "have some kind of place to unload thoughts as we get into this election season." Even if we're tuning in to The Daily Show for that alone, it's good to have him back.

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