Jollibee menu items from all over the world

Ask for a corned beef sandwich with an order of buttered corn plus a side of sweet potato fries, and you’d think you were in a deli or sandwich shop, right?

Wrong. You’d be in one of the many Jollibee fast food restaurants in the U.S., whose menu differs slightly from what’s offered in the Philippines.

While the ubiquitous Chicken Joy, Spaghetti, Pancit Palabok and Halo-Halo are found on every 700-plus Jollibee menus in the world, other lesser-known items discreetly make their way to countries in order to adhere to local tastes and food practices.

Have a look at what’s on other countries’ menus. (All items are taken from the Jollibee International website. The Hong Kong and Singapore menus are similar to what’s being offered in the Philippines—give or take a few specials—so they have not been mentioned in this article.)

VIETNAM. Fresh herbs and vegetables play a huge role in this country’s cuisine so it’s no wonder that a Garden Fresh Salad is found on their Jollibee menu. Along with Chicken Joy meals, they also offer Chicken Barbecue, Chicken Strips, and a Chicken Curry rice meal. For tangy palates, a Sweet & Sour Meatballs meal is also available.

QATAR. In meat-loving Qatar, Jollibee has introduced pita sandwiches, with a choice of beef strips of chicken slices. In addition to their beef burgers, they also offer a Crispy Chicken Burger in classic and spicy variants. Chili chicken wings and a Macaroni Salad round up their special Qatar menu.

SAUDI ARABIA. With a menu similar to Qatar’s, the Saudi Arabian version also offers Macaroni Salad and a Crispy Chicken Burger.

BRUNEI. Bruneian cuisine is heavily influenced by its neighbors Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, so it’s no wonder that a dish like chicken curry makes its way to their Jollibee menu. Along with curry meals, they also offer Crispy Chicken Strips, Chicken Barbecue, a Crispy Chicken Burger with Cheese, a Pita Sandwich, and, get this—Double Cheese Fries. (Now wouldn’t you love seeing this on a future Jollibee PH menu!)

U.S.A. With Anthony Bourdain praising Jollibee’s Halo-Halo and Aloha burger, it’s not just Filipino-Americans who are flocking to “Jabee.” As interest in the chain in the U.S. grows, so has ours back in PH. With delectable offerings such as the Little Big Bites and Sweet Potato Fries, we can only imagine and hope that these U.S.-only treats could make their way back home, too.

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