Jolin Tsai and Eason Chan's music video accused of propaganda

9 Apr – Despite Jolin Tsai and Eason Chan's attempt to contribute to the discussion about COVID-19 by releasing an English duet called, "Fight As One", the two singers found their effort to only spark anger among netizens.

As reported on Epoch Times, the music video, which was posted on YouTube, has received more than 10,000 dislikes compared to 3,000 likes, with many expressing their frustration over the route the music video has taken.

The video, which features Jolin and Eason performing in their respective recording studios also shows photos of people standing in front of their windows with signs bearing multiple messages. It also shows photos of various different situations around the world, from pets and children wearing face masks, people practising social distancing, and medical frontliners working hard to treat patients with the coronavirus.

However, what angered netizens most was the fact that these photos only showed foreigners (non-Chinese people), while a segment of the last part of the music video showed foreign children holding signs with messages expressing support for China and drawings of the Chinese red flag.

One netizen commented, "The kids holding a card that thank China? Did they forget that the Wuhan virus came from China?", while another posted, "The child is really naive, thanking a country that has ruined the world for everyone."

Some also accused the music video of being the CCP propaganda, saying that it successfully avoided from showing photos of what is happening in China and instead focuses on the people of other countries battling the coronavirus.

"The more I watched the MV, the more I felt like it was rubbing salt to the wound. Do you know that more than 10,000 people have died in Italy? Shameful."

"Thanking the frontliners was a good thing, but did you have to put a picture of "Thank China" in the MV? Please do not use singers as a tool for political propaganda. Nauseating!"

(Photo Source: NDTV)