John Torode admits lockdown obsession with cleaning: "The ironing is really exciting for me"


Masterchef host John Torode has admitted he's obsessed with cleaning during lockdown

John Torode may be known for his handy culinary skills but who knew he was such a lover of cleaning – and, in particular, bleach?

Speaking on White Wine Question Time, the TV chef said he’s really enjoying cleaning while being in lockdown.

“I know that we shouldn't use so much bleach,” he said. “I know it's really bad...There's something about filling up your sink with bleach and hot water and the smell. You know that everything's clean and it's done.”

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Wife Lisa Faulkner added that hubby John and podcast host Kate Thornton shared a love of cleaning.

“You love bleach like John loves bleach,” she told Kate, laughing.

While he and Lisa spoke about their morning mopping and cleaning dog paw prints off the windowsill, John admitted he was looking forward to one chore more than any other: ironing.

Lisa Faulkner and John Torode, who got married last year, are enjoying their time together in lockdown

“Oh, the ironing's really exciting for me,” he told Kate. “I have to have my sheets and my duvet ironed. The thing is, because we are busy, we have somebody come in and help us do the ironing sometimes and actually they can't come because we're all self-isolating.”

He continued: “I'm very excited about doing the ironing process and actually doing it and making sure that it's good. I've got the time to do it!”

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Lisa laughed, warning John that he was sending listeners of the weekly podcast to sleep. Kate on the other hand seemed just as excited at John at the prospect of lockdown chores. 

“I feel like I've just dialled into some sort of naughty sex line because you're talking my language!” she laughed. 

The cleaning schedule doesn’t stop there though. John declared after sorting out their wardrobes, he was going to tackle the garden at the weekend.

“I think the weekend I'll do the sort of garden chores,” he mused. “Try and be manly, do you know what I mean? And feel as though I've got my sort of weekend off – and the weekend off, you do your garden, don't you?”

Like the rest of us, John is pacing himself, and excitedly admitted he was saving one chore for later on in lockdown.

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He said: “My jet wash hasn't actually made the appearance yet outside the box. I'm holding it because I don't want to do all my jobs too quickly. I've also worked out that I can, next week, clean and wash Lisa's car and my car.” 

Chores sorted and a brilliant chef? All we can say is: Lisa Faulkner hit the jackpot.


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