Johnny Yip honoured with lifetime award in Macau

13 Nov – Hong Kong veteran singer Johnny Yip was recently honoured with the VIP Supreme Singer award at the 4th VIP Music Chart Awards.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who appeared at the event held in Macau earlier, was awarded in recognition of his contribution to the music scene for half a century and for his determination and high spirit throughout his time in the industry.

Speaking to the media about his award, the Macau-born Johnny stated that he is very happy to receive the recognition after 50 years in the business, especially the fact that he won it in his birthplace.

He also performed the song "Forget the Heart", the theme of the 1982 series, "The Legend of Master So" at the said event, saying that it was the best song he has ever performed in his life.

(Photo Source: Bastille Post)