Johnny Knoxville's dinner photo sparks rumours of reunion for 'Jackass 4'

Tom Beasley
Johnny Knoxville and the cast of ‘Jackass’ reunite for dinner, sparking rumours of a new movie. (Credit: Johnny Knoxville/Instagram)

Johnny Knoxville took to Instagram today to reveal a photo of himself dining with the cast of his extreme slapstick franchise Jackass, sparking fan excitement over a potential reunion.

Knoxville posted the picture of himself along with the majority of the original troupe, as well as director Jeff Tremaine, with the accompanying caption “Look at who I ran into at dinner”.

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Fans of the X-rated stunt franchise, which started as an MTV show and then spawned a series of movies, quickly flocked to social media to discuss the possibility that a fourth film outing for the group might be on the cards.

One fan on Instagram said they were “here for Jackass 4“, while another said they “love seeing the crew together”.

Fans have not seen the troupe work on a project as one since Jackass 3.5 was released in 2011, though Knoxville did star in spin-off movie Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa in 2013.

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The 48-year-old actor returned to his prankster roots last year with comedy Action Point, in which he performed a number of stunts as part of his role as the boss of an anarchic theme park.

With his latest Instagram post, though, the stuntman has got fans speculating.

The possibility of a new film was only exacerbated when Knoxville’s co-star Preston Lacy also shared the photo to his Twitter feed.

Knoxville hinted last year that a fourth film is not out of the question, telling EW that he has “more ideas” that wouldn’t fit in previous films.

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Since the movie franchise ended, several of the team members have moved on into acting and television careers away from stunts.

The most notable absences from Knoxville’s photo are Bam Margera, who has struggled with alcoholism and spent several stints in rehab, and Ryan Dunn, who sadly passed away in a car accident in 2011.