John Stamos left embarrassed by line flub during The Little Mermaid Live!

John Stamos

John Stamos took to Twitter to apologise after accidentally saying "Prince Albert" instead of "Prince Eric" during his performance on The Little Mermaid Live! on Tuesday night (05Nov19).

The 56-year-old actor portrayed Chef Louis in the TV production, and was meant to say: "I should have played Prince Eric!" in a hilarious quip part way through the show. However, he slipped up and used the wrong name, taking to the social media site later in the evening to say sorry for the flub.

As one viewer tweeted, "Did @JohnStamos say Prince ALBERT?", the screen star replied: "I did! Not sure where it came. (kids don't google Prince Albert) I ad-libbed in dress rehearsal after getting pelted with flour, 'I should have played Prince ERIC' but for some reason ALBERT came out - oh well."

His admission went down well with fans, many of whom praised his honesty in their tweets. One wrote: "It's actually funnier that it was a Freudian slip and not on purpose", while another added, "I'm DYIIINNNGGG. Best part of the entire show."

Other famous faces to appear in the production included Queen Latifah, who starred as the villainous sea queen Ursula, and Shaggy, who portrayed singing crab Sebastian.

Graham Phillips played Prince Eric in the show, and joked to Entertainment Tonight that he's hoping his performance will serve him well ahead of the movie adaptation of the tale.

"I'm sort of seeing this as my audition for the movie role," he giggled. "So, we'll see how it goes."

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