John Lloyd Cruz is part of MMFF movie, "Culion"

Heidi Hsia

3 Oct – It was a pleasant surprise for many when it was revealed that John Lloyd Cruz is a part of the new movie, "Culion".

As reported on Push, the actor's participation in the movie was revealed in its official teaser trailer released recently, in which the protagonist (played by Iza Calzado) can be heard reading a list of things that she and the residents of a leper colony will not get and things that will stay with them.

The last part of the trailer showed a man taking off his hat, revealing the actor playing him to be John Lloyd Cruz.

According to producer Shandi Bacolod, it was not difficult to persuade the actor - who had been on a showbiz hiatus for nearly two years - to join the film, which was written by famed screenwriter Ricky Lee.

"He's also friends with so many of the cast and our assistant director. It wasn't hard to talk to him because of the people around," said Bacolod.

However, the producer is keeping mum on the details of the role Cruz plays in the movie, saying, "He plays a very important role in the film and his character is connected to Meryll Soriano."

The film, which tells the story of three women living with Hansen's Disease in the leper colony in Culion in the 1940s, will be part of this year's Metro Manila Film Festival.

(Photo Source: Philippine News)