John Leguizamo launches crowdfunding project for all-Latino comic book

John Leguizamo launches crowdfunding project for all-Latino comic book

John Leguizamo is calling on fans to support his latest all-Latino comic book project.

The Moulin Rouge! star has co-created PhenomX with a team of fellow Hispanics and he's calling on followers and comic book lovers to help fund the venture, with a view to getting his look-alike superhero, Max Gomez, on the big screen.

Launching the crowd-funding gig on the Seed and Spark website, John says, "I grew up loving comic books... but there were no Latin people. What happened? We existed. Being Latin is a superpower!

"I knew that there was no white guy in tights, like Superman, coming to save my a** in my neighbourhood, so I wanna create a superhero. His name is PhenomX, Max Gomez, who grows up in the Lower East Side (New York), and they spill this toxic radiation in the neighbourhood and everybody gets mutant powers... and he joins the FBI and he's trained by them to be a super assassin.

"It's gonna be written by me and coloured and drawn (by) all Latin folk, and it's gonna have Latinas with super powers; it's gonna represent everybody."

The actor has also offered up some drawings to give fans a taste of what is to come, asking them to be part of "this incredible adventure".

Leguizamo has had success with similar comic book ventures in the past, but it appears this time he's hoping to turn PhenomX into a movie character: "We're not gonna wait for Hollywood...," he adds. "Forget that. We're doing it ourselves."

Donors to the project are being offered signed comics and dinners with John, who has a special gift planned for those who make a sizable contribution: "I'm gonna draw a character that looks like you and name a character after you."

Fans can give from $10 (£7.80) to $10,000 (£7,800) and so far the Seed and Spark campaign has raised over $2,000 (£1,500) towards a goal of $75,000 (£58,500) with 28 days left to donate.

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