John Legend and Bette Midler react as President Trump is acquitted in impeachment trial

John Legend

John Legend and Bette Midler were among the celebrities reacting on Thursday as the U.S. Senate voted to acquit President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial.

The leader was impeached in December after being found to have pressured Ukraine into smearing a potential White House rival. However, on Thursday, Trump was cleared of all charges after the Senate voted 52 to 48 to acquit him on charges of abuse of power, and 53 to 47 to clear him of charges of obstruction of Congress. The vote means that Trump will remain in office.

Mitt Romney was the only Republican senator who voted to convict Trump on the abuse of power charge, for which All of Me star John praised him on Twitter.

Sharing a link to an article about Romney's bold move, he wrote: "Good for Mitt Romney." Star Trek actor George Takei also praised Romney, tweeting: "This took immense courage. Thank you for your integrity, Senator."

Bette had some more urgent advice for Romney, however, tweeting: "Run, #Mitt, RUN!!"

She also added: "#Trump’s learned nothing from the experience of being impeached. He will continue his criminal ways & then double down, knowing he’s gotten away with it once again. He will be like Robert Mugabe, dictator of Zimbabwe, who lasted 40 YEARS, dying at 95, with his nation in ruins."

Had the Senate found Trump guilty of either of the charges, he would have been removed from office and the presidential title would have been passed on to Vice President Mike Pence.

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