John David Washington surprised by how much Christopher Nolan revealed in 'Tenet' trailer

Gregory Wakeman
John David Washington was surprised by how much Christopher Nolan revealed in Tenet (Image by Warner Bros)

The latest trailer for Tenet, Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi blockbuster, revealed a little bit more of what fans can expect from the film, while still leaving people scratching their heads at its plot. 

In fact, at this point, all that we know is that John David Washington plays a international secret agent that is tasked with stopping World War III, and he is somehow able to use time travel to help him.

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It turns out that Tenet’s trailer might have actually revealed much more than we realised. According to Cinemablend, after the release of the trailer, Washington appeared on the video game Fortnite, which is where the new footage for the film rather bizarrely premiered, to admit he was surprised by how much Nolan revealed. 

“Really, it's interesting, because there are just little nuggets of information and just breadcrumbs of information about the movie that I was surprised [Nolan] was going to reveal. And I love that he did.”

MUMBAI, INDIA SEPTEMBER 17: Hollywood filmmaker Christopher Nolan spotted shooting for next film 'Tenet' near Taj Hotel, Colaba, on September 17, 2019 in Mumbai, India. (Photo by Kunal Patil/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Arguably the biggest take away from the Tenet trailer was its insistence that the film will be released in theaters, although the title card at the end of the clip failed to provide a concrete release date.

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Nolan is adamant that Tenet will be the first film released in movie theaters after governments decide to end the COVID-19 quarantine. But with the movie’s planned release date of July 17 getting ever closer, and most people still locked in fear by the pandemic, it looks increasingly unlikely that Tenet will actually hit cinemas on that date. 

Especially since, every other movie that was supposed to be released around this time has already been delayed, and even if cinemas do open they will only do so at a reduced capacity.