John Boyega was stopped 'every time' he entered the US before he was famous

Ben Arnold
Stopped… John Boyega speaks about being stopped ‘every single time’ he’d enter the US – Credit: Getty

John Boyega has said that before he became famous, he was was stopped by airport security ‘every single time’ when entering the USA.

The ‘Star Wars’ actor would be the subject of ‘random checks’, he revealed, however after a time they appeared to be rather less than random.

“I was hustling and auditioning for things in LA. I’d get cheap flights and stay there for two weeks or whatever,” he told the Evening Standard.

“And every time I was getting these random checks. Every. Single. Time.”

(Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney)

He added: “I wish I remembered the airline because I called them out on it, too.

“Like, ‘This stuff ain’t right’. They said it was a problem Stateside, they gave me a letter and it stopped.

“But before that it was consistent. I understand that [these things] are for our safety but when you fly a lot and it happens three or four times there’s an element of, ‘Okay, I’m still not a terrorist’.”

Boyega was born and raised in Peckham, south east London, and still lives there now, when he’s not working abroad.

He’s soon to start a play at London’s Old Vic, the cold war drama ‘Woyzeck’, which will run through May and June.

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