John Arcilla uses lockdown period to rest

Heidi Hsia

17 Mar – Instead of worrying about things that he cannot change, John Arcilla decided to only focus on the positive side of the Metro Manila lockdown.

On 15 March, the actor posted a series of photos of him chilling out in a hotel room, writing, "On the other hand, this lockdown gave me an opportunity to take a vacation that I have been longing for and in all honesty I am loving it."

However, Arcilla stated that he hopes that it will not last longer than a month as it would be both "unproductively boring and economically scary".

"And this moment will definitely provide a space where reflections will dwell upon us. May this pause give us lessons regarding our purpose and responsibilities towards our environment and one another. May this lessons inspire us to pray for one another. God bless us all!" he added.

It was only last week that President Rodrigo Duterte ordered a "lockdown" of the entire Metro Manila region from March 15 to April 14 due to COVID-19.

(Photo Source: John Arcilla Instagram)