Joey Yung apologises for remarks about Seungri

22 Mar – Joey Yung recently took to social media to clarify herself, after being blasted by netizens for her statement about BIG BANG's Seungri that many deemed to be an expression of sympathy.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who previously called Seungri "a talented performer" and expressed hope that "everything will be fine for him", wrote online that she felt sorry that the interview has caused misunderstanding.

"I had been busy rehearsing, and only heard that something had happened. I didn't know it has developed so badly," she said.

Joey stressed that she would never accept or support any unethical behaviour and illegal act.

"In the future, I will pay more attention to current events and be cautious with my words," she added.

Speaking to the media at a Valentino event soon after, Joey said that she didn't make that statement because of the pressure of public opinion.

"As a friend, of course I hope that the other party will get a fair trial. But I will no longer add anything to that," she said.

(Photo Source: Joey Yung Instagram)