Joey Marquez says daughter Winwyn has proven herself

7 Nov – Actor-comedian Joey Marquez admitted that he was originally against daughter, the recently crowned Reina Hispanoamericana Winwyn Marquez to become a beauty queen.

According to ABS-CBN, the actor, who spoke about his daughter's win recently, said that he was originally skeptical about Marquez's chance at the Hispanic pageant, especially since his daughter is not fluent in Spanish.

He stated that the only reason he agreed to let her join the competition is because she promised to pursue a doctorate degree once she achieved her goal.

"That's the exchange for what you want to do. I would always advise my children to prioritise their education, since it's something that they can keep forever," he said.

Nonetheless, Marquez said that he is happy that his daughter finally proved herself by winning the pageant, despite the odds.

"Winwyn has such a great discipline," he said, adding that he will make sure Marquez will keep her promise to study now that she has won the crown.

On the other hand, the actress-turned-beauty queen recently shared the first photo of her with her new crown on Instagram, writing, "I can't believe it. Is this real? Thank you very much."

(Photo Source: Winwyn Marquez Instagram)