Joey and Kelsey Had Secret Aliases for Each Other While They Were Hiding Their Relationship

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Joey and Kelsey's Secret Bachelor AliasesJohn Fleenor

Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson have been secretly engaged for months at this point, and have been going to great lengths to hide their relationship. Though, to be fair, not that great considering fans figured out they were together based on matching background details in their respective photos/videos (read all about that this way).

Anyway, point is: Joey and Kelsey were trying to keep things hush-hush while The Bachelor aired—and even went so far as to give each other secret aliases in their phones. And apparently Kelsey's code name for Joey was....Faine C. Which, as she helpfully told People, is "fiancé spelled different."

Joey's reaction? “It's the dumbest one ever,” he joked. “Have you ever met with a name Faine in your life? Because there's no such person as a Faine. I cannot wait to get to Monday and my name's actually Joey in her phone and not Faine C. But our job is to keep this as locked up as possible, so we kept it behind closed doors.”

John Fleenor

In other news, Joey revealed what happened to the voodoo doll that Kelsey showed up with during night one, saying he carried it with him throughout filming. “I took it with me everywhere we went, because I had a pretty good idea that she was going to be around,” he said. “I had to make sure I held onto it....That's the most important thing to hold onto. She's the only person I was ever fully in love with. She's the only person I'll ever be fully in love with for the rest of my life because she deserves that.”


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