Joel Chan doesn't feel any different after marriage

15 Nov – Joel Chan admitted nothing much has changed since he tied the knot with girlfriend, Apple.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who went on a radio interview two weeks following his wedding, stated that he and his wife already feel like an old married couple, seeing that the two of them have already been together for six years and have been living together for five.

"I just need to remember to wear my wedding ring," he added.

Joel also admitted that they still haven't gone on their honeymoon as he is busy filming the new drama, "Running in Strides" until the end of November. The actor added that he will also be flying to the United States soon after for a performance.

"But the wife does not mind. She understands the nature of my job. She is just happy for me that I have a lot of projects right now. Since my schedule is packed, we could only go on our honeymoon in the middle of next year. I am planning to take a trip to Italy," he said.

(Photo Source: Joel Chan Instagram)