Joel Chan assures good friend Elaine Yiu is in good health

15 Nov – TVB actor Joel Chan has dismissed rumours that good friend Elaine Yiu has been unhappy with her love life, which has led to her drastic loss of weight.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who appeared on a radio show recently, stated that he doesn't think that a woman like Elaine would be affected by such a thing as she has always been a tough person.

"She was already quite skinny when we were working on [Jazz Boon's series] "Chinatown". Maybe it's because she's a vegetarian and doesn't eat much, so she's a little bit undernourished," he said.

Joel said that he would often remind Elaine to eat more, while wife Apple would sometimes treat her with a healthy drink.

"In fact, in our new drama, "Running in Strides", Elaine ran faster than me. She works really hard. I do hope that she will take care of her health after completing the drama," he added.

On the other hand, when asked about rumours concerning ex-girlfriend Florinda Ho's supposed new romance, Joel said, "I didn't pay attention to it. Anybody who has a happy event in their life is worthy of congratulations."

As to whether Florinda sent her blessings to him when he got married earlier, Joel said that he has no response to that.

(Photo Source: Joel Chan Instagram)