Joe Scarborough: Declaring the New ‘Worst Day’ in Trump’s Presidency Is Getting Old (Video)

Lindsey Ellefson

Joe Scarborough recapped the events of the previous night on Wednesday’s “Morning Joe” with a touch of fatigue: “It gets old saying, ‘This was the worst day of the Trump presidency.'”

“I don’t know that this was the worst day of the Trump presidency,” the MSNBC co-host admitted, but cited “three huge strikes” that made Tuesday a rough one for President Trump.

These were made up of the “absolutely devastating” testimony of U.S. ambassador to the E.U., Gordon Sondland, before the House committees leading the impeachment probe; “losing the reddest of red states” in Tuesday’s state elections; and “watching all of the red bleed out of Virginia” as Democrats took control of the legislature for the first time in decades, “so now it is a completely blue state.”

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Scarborough and co-host Willie Geist pointed out for “Morning Joe” viewers that Trump made a voting plea on behalf of Virginia Republicans and backed GOP Kentucky governor Matt Bevin, who as of Wednesday morning, appeared to have lost to Democratic challenger Andy Beshear.

Bevin, Geist said, was “a very unpopular governor,” but “the entire impetus of his campaign was he was like Donald Trump. He attached himself at the hip to Donald Trump.”

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He continued, “Donald Trump can’t run away from this. Republicans cannot run away from the fact that a Donald Trump-backed candidate probably lost — he has not conceded yet but probably lost — the governorship in a state that President Trump won, again, by 30 points.”

“Bevin was ahead by five percentage points in the polls before Donald Trump came to the state!” exclaimed Scarborough. “Donald Trump cost him five-and-a-half, six percentage points by they one rally!”

Then, Scarborough leaned toward the camera and addressed the president directly: “Donald. Come here. Get a little closer. Donald. Bevin was ahead, son!”

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