Joe Chen denies romance with Alan Chen was fake

4 Dec – Taiwanese actress Joe Chen has dismissed the notion that her relationship with Alan Chen was fake and forced, after confirming that the two of them have started dating since concluding their reality show, "Meeting Mr. Right 2".

As reported on Mingpao, the actress shared a photo of her and Alan on Weibo, and stressed that she went on the reality show not for the money but to fall in love, and that's what she finally gained.

"No script, no lines. Thank you for your concern. Love didn't give up on me. Love will not give up on anyone who believes in it," she added.

Her sentiment was echoed by the 31-year-old Malaysian heir, who posted on social media, "In the world of billions of people, we were meant to find each other. Love never leave us or anybody. A life of few decades is too short for anything, so just be brave to love!"

"The happy moments seen by all, can only be truly felt by two. Thank you Mango TV, viewers and the family of dolphins for the blessings. Thank you, Joe," he added.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)