Joe Chen admits she has been single for five to six years

18 Aug – Taiwanese actress Joe Chen recently admitted that it has been five to six years since she was last romantically involved with someone.

As reported on ET Today, the actress' confession was part of the trailer for the second season of Chinese reality dating show "Meeting Mr. Right", which features Joe as one of its stars.

"I haven't fallen in love with anybody or met anyone since I spent a lot of my time working," she responded, when asked why.

Joe also stated that she hopes to find someone who she could finally be with for the rest of her life.

"I am already 40. My father is already in his 60s, and he probably wants me to find a partner," she added.

In the same trailer, Joe's father can be seen talking about his daughter's status, saying that he would like for the actress to go out and meet new people instead of focusing only on her work.

Joe has been romantically linked to several actors in the past including Taiwanese actor Roy Chiu and Hong Kong star Louis Koo.

(Photo Source: Joe Chen Instagram)

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