Joan Chen's daughter graduates from Harvard University

1 Jun – Chinese-American actress Joan Chen is one proud mother, as she revealed that her eldest daughter Angela has graduated from Harvard University.

As reported on Mingpao, "The Last Emperor" actress shared the good news on Weibo on 29 May with several photos of her daughter in her graduation robes, writing, "Today, the daughter graduated from Harvard University and received the highest honour of the school, Summa Cum Laude, and the highest award of the English Department's graduation thesis, George B. Sohier Prize."

"Because of the pandemic, this year's graduation ceremony was delayed to an unpredictable future. When I heard the music of the graduation ceremony on the Internet, I was reminded of those times she graduated from kindergarten, elementary school and high school. She is 21-years-old, but all the hardships she has experienced are known only to herself, those who love her most, and God. However, the joy, pride, and gratitude at this moment have also doubled the sweetness."

Joan said that both Angela and her younger sister Audrey have taught her how to become a mother since early on, and that she finally realised the true meaning of motherhood as they grew up to become young ladies.

"Well, today is not the time for me to reflect. Today, I can cry well and fill my whole heart with happiness, hope and gratitude," she added.

Angela and Audrey are Joan's two daughters from her second marriage with cardiologist Peter Hui. The family of four are currently residing in San Francisco, California.

(Photo Source: ST Headline)