JJ Lin, A-Mei went home empty-handed at 29th GMA

Heidi Hsia

25 Jun – Despite leading the nominations with six awards each, both Singaporean singer-songwriter JJ Lin and Taiwanese diva A-Mei went home empty-handed at the 29th Golden Melody Awards.

JJ, who was nominated in major categories for his album "Message in a Bottle" including Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Mandarin Album, lost the awards to Eason Chan, Crowd Lu and Lala Hsu, respectively.

The singer also lost to Crowd Lu and Eason Chan again in the categories of Best Composer and Best Male Vocalist.

However, the optimistic award-winning singer is not saddened by his loss, writing online, "No awards, no regrets. It's just a pity I didn't get to thank the people participating in the making of this album. There will always be winners and losers in a competition."

Meanwhile, A-Mei, who competed with her album "Story Thief", lost to Eason Chan and Lala Hsu in the categories Album of the Year, Best Mandarin Album, and Best Female Vocalist.

The winners of the 29th Golden Melody Awards are as follows:

Album of the Year:
"C'mon In~" – Eason Chan

Song of the Year:
"He-R" (from "He-R") – Crowd Lu

Best Mandarin Album:
"The Inner Me" – Lala Hsu

Best Music Video:
"Left Behind" (from "Story Thief") – Director: Lo Ging-zim

Best Mandarin Male Vocalist:
"C'mon In~" – Eason Chan

Best Mandarin Female Vocalist:
"The Inner Me" – Lala Hsu

Best New Artiste:
"Cartoon Character" – EggPlantEgg

Best Composer:
"He-R" (from "He-R") – Crowd Lu (Performer: Crowd Lu)

Best Lyricist:
"Guo Yuan Chao" (from "Guo Yuan Chao") – Song Dongye (Performer: Song Dongye)

Best Arrangement:
"Grim Reaper" (from "I Have Myself") – Wen Yi-zhe (Performer: Janice Yan)

Best Album Producer:
"Still An Outlander" – Jonathan Lee (Performer: Li Jianqing)

Best Single Producer:
"To Have, or Not To Have" (from "The Great Buddha +" Soundtrack) – Lin Sheng-xiang (Performer: Lin Sheng-xiang)

Special Contribution Award:
Su Rui, Joy Kuo

(Photo source: JJ Lin's Instagram)