Jin Yong once saved Hu Ge's career?

7 Nov – A lot of stars recently took to social media to express their sadness over the death of wuxia writer Jin Yong but it was producer Karen Tsai's story about Hu Ge and "The Legend of Condor Heroes" that attracted the most attention.

As reported on Epoch Times, TV producer Karen Tsai, who produced the 2008 version of Jin Yong's "The Legend of Condor Heroes" (aka "The Eagle Shooting Heroes"), recently shared that filming of the drama, which started in early 2006 was halted for a year following Hu Ge's accident, which occurred in August 2006 while travelling from Hengdian to Shanghai on the highway and caused the death of his manager.

Said Karen, the company was facing financial issues because of the accident, as Hu had to halt his work to undergo rehabilitation for his injury, which consequently led to the terminations of contracts with various TV stations due to the delay.

They were also facing another roadblock, as the deadline for her company's copyright for said work was reaching expiry and that another company has been negotiating to buy the copyright for adaptation.

However, while the whole industry was not optimistic about the fate of the project, Karen flew to Hong Kong to meet with Jin Yong. She stated that after hearing the whole story, Jin Yong decided to extend the period in order for her to finish the drama.

As a result, the 2008 drama was a big hit, setting a new television record and becoming another turning point in Hu Ge's career. Karen stated that they were able to achieve all that because of the late novelist's act of kindness.

Hu Ge also shared Karen's story on his official Weibo account, and wrote, "Thanks to [Mr. Jin Yong], I was able to perform the most memorable character so far during the most difficult stage of my life."